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Now is the time!

From the simplest repair such as a few broken bricks in your front steps, chimney or sidewalk to a full replacement. If you have an older home we have a wide network of material suppliers allowing us to match most masonry projects.

Those cracks in your foundation, brick steps, chimney, sidewalks and patios WILL get worse and possibly lead to needing full replacement.

Repairing small cracks or replacing loose brick and stone now will prevent much more serious problems in the future. As moisture enters these problem areas, they become saturated throughout. When the saturated areas freeze and thaw during the winter months, they expand and contract and continually worsen until eventually the structural integrity is in jeopardy. In certain situations such as house veneers, chimney veneers, chimney flashing, retaining walls, etc., not only is the masonry in jeopardy, but wood framing, electrical wiring, even interior trim and sheetrock can be severely affected.

Making repairs to your home will restore your property value.

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